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All You Need to Know About Night vision Equipment

Night Vision is an optical device consisting of high-quality image intensifier tubes and optics that amplify existing light. Night Vision makes it possible for you to see in conditions that are otherwise not possible for naked eyes. Night vision products are empowered with Infrared Illuminator that provides a light source for the system. The light source amplifies the images and as a result we can see the objects in dark. We can see the objects in low light conditions as well such as in dark caves, where there is no source of available ambient light.

The working principle of a Night Vision is not at all complex. It is quite interesting on the contrary. In very dark conditions, the night vision gathers any available light like starlight, moonlight or infrared light through its front Objective Lens.

The objective lens transmits this light through a set of optical lenses and passes it to the Electronic Intensifier Tube (EIT.). Located on the front of the Electronic Intensifier Tube is the photocathode screen that rap out electrons to produce a high level of energy. A high static field is generated from EIT that pushes the electrons at the back of the EIT. This is a very sensitive layer and is known as phosphorescent screen. The electrons gathered, strike the Phosphorescent Screen with indefinite high speed and allow it to illuminate.

During this process, an image is produced that gets magnified by the Ocular Lens located at the back of the Night Vision. The ocular lens makes it possible for us too se in the dark. The image that you perceive in the Night Vision is not at all clear at the initial level.

It appears as an indistinct, blurred green color. The Ocular Lens slowly makes the adjustment that fits your eyesight. There are different types of Night Vision glasses available in the market are Generation1, Night Vision Monocular, Advanced Night Vision, Night Vision Binocular and the Audio Monocular. The Generation 1 works without active infra red light source. It amplifies the existing light several thousand times to make our vision clear in the dark. It is a low budget night vision and most popular all across the world.

The other types of Night Vision are for specific purposes only and quite expensive too. They are mostly used by professionals and are not for ordinary fun and adventure loving persons.

Rory H. Hawkins writes about night vision and other interesting topics. For more information on night vision goggles visit us today.

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