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Domain Appraisal Evaluation

Before spending money on a domain appraisal find out if your domain name has the attributes of a very valuable aftermarket domain.

Take this little domain evaluation to see if your domain name could be valuable:

Domain Value Pre-Test
1. Does your domain end in .com?
2. Does your domain contain less than 5 letters?
3. Does your domain apply to a high paying market? (like cell phones)
4. Is your domain a .net or .org of a popular .com?
5. Is your domain a popular phrase?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, it would be a great idea to get your domain name appraised and try to sell your domain name for profit.

Marketing a Domain

There are various methods of putting your domain name up for sale. Decide whether you would like to sell your domain by owner or share a percentage of the profit by listing a domain name with a third party. For a complete list of ideas for marketing your domain name, read on.

“Domain Name for Sale” marketing methods include:

  • Keep current and accurate contact information at your registrar so a potential buyer may find you through a domain "Whois Lookup"

  • Place a domain for sale sign on an existing web site, with your contact information.

  • Create a “For Sale” page at the domain's URL. This way if someone types the domain name in their browser instead of an error message a page will appear letting the potential buyer know the name is for sale. (You can do this free with registration at GoDaddy )

  • Or your can list it with a 3rd Party, like AfterNIC. This will give you ultimate exposure to qualified buyers, but you will have to share a bit of the profits.

Please note: to sell a domain name by owner, through a private transaction rather than a trusted third party, is risky business unless you completely trust the buyer.

There will be some wait time as money switches hands and the domain name ownership is transferred. Unless you are selling your domain to your mother or selling it for a very low price, we recommend using an escrow service to take care of the money transaction.