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Blackberry trial bears fruit for Bedford Policefruit for Bedford Police

The recent Blackberry mobile phone experiment with 40 police and community support officers (CSO's) proved to be a resounding success. Over 85 percent of the police and staff involved said they would have been very disappointed to have lost the Blackberry mobile phones (having experienced their usefulness) if their bosses had decided not to press ahead and roll out Blackberry throughout the force. A Bedfordshire Police spokesperson said that the Blackberries in question where a standard model adapted for use by officers and contained all the usual Blackberry applications like e-mail and calendar, appointments, etc. However as Blackberry allows for the running of bespoke third party computer applications, they also had special features including access to the Police National Computer (PNC), Intelligence briefings, Warrent data base and many other police systems. The benefit of having all this information and data available at their fingertips meant that officers didn't have to return to the police station to use the police computer and they could easily keep up to speed with all the latest information about crimes and criminals while still out in the field - all without needing to return to base.

One officer estimated that having a Blackberry saved him at least half an hour a day of sitting at the computer and more in travelling time. Access to the PNC has proved to be hugely beneficial with officers being able to access all the necessary data via their Blackberry instead of having to wait for the radio system (eg: their walkie-talkie) to become free before contacting base and then getting someone there to do a check for them. During the trial at least one arrest was attributed to do speed at which information could be gained using the Blackberry.

"Blackberry gives officers the power to quickly check crucial details such as identity, vehicle ownership and previous convictions quickly and efficiently and with very little effort" said the Project Manager Inspector Jim Hitch. "It improves the visibility of officers and PCSO's and makes us more efficient" If you think your Business would benefit from all the Benefits of Blackberry ? with features like Email on the go, Sat Nav, Remote Database Access and/or a whole host of other features ? Contact today us at BusinessMobiles.com where we are currently offering YOU a 30 day Free Blackberry Trial. That's Right! You get up to 5 new Blackberry Mobile phones to use for a whole month - all configured and delivered totally free of charge!.

Get a Free Blackberry mobile phone Service Provider for BlackBerry The Perfect Business Tool. Access your PC through your Blackberry mobile phone, Receive Email on the Go, experience Sat Nav, Google Maps, right In the palm of your hand. Hurry! This offer ends soon!!!

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