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How does Infrared thermography see what the human eye cant see

What if you could verify that the concrete block walls of your building have been built according to all engineered specifications? What would that mean to you? Concrete block walls can have unseen faults including empty cells, missing insulation, and air leaks. Not only do faults like these make for an inefficient building with unnecessary energy costs, they also increase a company's liability in case of failure. How does Infrared thermography see what the human eye can't see? Through the use of infrared cameras which allow inspectors to view thermographic images - that is heat. For example, all walls heat up during the day, right? Concrete blocks with empty cells compared to those properly filled with grout will give off different temperatures which are easily detected with infrared cameras. Inspectors on the ground take a series of images and compile detailed reports documenting any and all faults found.

Infrared thermography not only can detect faults in concrete block walls, they can also detect water moisture in roofs, water damage, pollution and storm water outfalls, underground steam system leaks, underground High Temperature Hot Water hotspots and leaks, animal counts, heat resistance in electrical equipment, and they can conduct microscopic inspections of circuitry. In addition, aircraft equipped with infrared cameras, fly over buildings to inspect roofs for moisture or heating and cooling systems for leaks. These airplanes are also used for counting animals. For example, deer and cattle give off different temperatures, and therefore different infrared colors, when photographed using infrared cameras. Microscopic infrared cameras are also used for qualifying and quantifying IR signatures on extremely small objects - down to 15 microns. These infrared microscopes can monitor circuitry as well as introduce currents to simulate current levels.

Thermography imagery is used by contractors, manufacturers, municipalities, maintenance departments, engineers, parks services, and ranchers as well as by the insurance industry. Insurance companies conduct building surveys to determine the condition of the property such as pre-existing damage and existing building defects. This documentation proves that the property had these pre-existing faults. In the event of a hurricane or similar loss, the insurance company can prove that they don't need to pay for the hurricane damage because of the pre-existing damage. Infrared technology detects heat differences and is employed in multiple ways for detecting building faults, pollution leaks, overheating electrical equipment, energy leaks, roof moisture, and even animals.

By using this technology, it is possible to visually see problems that are invisible to the human eye. Air leaks can be sealed, defects corrected, pollution cleaned up, electrical equipment repaired, roofs repaired, and animal control policies implemented. The uses for infrared thermography are virtually limitless. How will you use this hot technology? www.dryout.net.

www.infraredregistry.com www.dryout.net Flir Systems Mr. Mark Decherd

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