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Modern Global Prepaid Calling Cards The Past Or The Future

The twenty first century marked the inception of the technology era. Many technologies, most notably the Internet, have come along and dramatically changed businesses and industries. Early-mover startups with innovative ideas have managed to become large enterprises.

But one of the phenomena of the technology era is technology retirement. In other words, as these new technologies come up, individuals and companies have to decide if they want to keep using their older technologies or migrate to new technologies. After all, switching is not always the best option. Many analysts have predicted quite some time ago that global long distance calling cards would become extinct. They argued that cellular phones would take the place of prepaid calling cards.

While its true that many people are using cell phones as their primary communication tool, prepaid phone calling cards are yet to go away. In fact, new technologies, which enable global prepaid calling cards to leverage Internet technologies, have actually driven an increase in the use of prepaid services for International and long distance calling to contact their friends or families. It was just a while ago that experts decided to predict, yet again, that prepaid phone calling cards were doomed by VoXX family, VoIP, VoATM, and etc.

That has not happened yet. The main reason is that many countries do not have the infrastructure to offer pure VoXX services to their people. Since the majority of people live their lives in developing or undeveloped countries, this means that the market for prepaid calling cards is still existent and will continue to exist for a foreseeable future. In addition, many International prepaid long distance card companies have used VoIP to their advantage. Service providers such as Pingo have integrated VoIP with their services to provide a much better quality of service for much lower prices to their customers.

It is evident that global phone calling cards of the past have evolved into the present, and the future. These cards have much lower rates than mobile phones and traditional phone lines. Mass globalization has also increased the need for global phone cards. Now, more than ever, people have to call overseas to conduct their business or family affairs. With prepaid phone calling cards, they can do so without breaking the bank. Besides, they do not have to sacrifice quality for quantity, and there is no need for a long term commitment when using these cards.

Best of all, these virtual prepaid phone cards come with many handy features such as pin-less dialing that make using these global prepaid calling cards even more convenient.

Brian Hawkins is an affiliate marketing manager for Pingos residual income affiliate program that also provides global prepaid calling cards

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