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Now offers a Socket Services PC Card Drive Replaces into Discontinued Jaz Drive

Adtron Corp. now offers a PC Card Card and Socket Services Card Services and Socket Services are the drivers for PC Cards. Card Services manage hot swapping and automatically configure the system resources required by the card (IRQs, memory and I/O addresses on a PC). Card Services talk to Socket Services, which is low-level software that talks directly to the PC Card controller chip. Socket Services are built into the system BIOS. drive as a replacement for the popular and recently discontinued Iomega(R) Jaz See Jaz disk.

(R) Drive. The versatile Adtron SCSI connected PC Card drives See portable hard drive. use hot swappable flash or disk PC Card media offering the same SCSI read/write removable media functionality as the Jaz drie See Jaz disk.

Internal 3.5-inch floppy drive bay A cavity for a disk drive in a computer cabinet. See Device Bay. mounted versions and external desktop versions are available. Adtron's SCSI PC Card drives operate just like Jaz drives with the added benefit of a wide selection of PC Card manufacturers, capacities, performance and prices.

Compatible PC Cards include ATA flash cards up to 2GBytes from SanDisk, Hitachi, SimpleTech and others; and hard disk cards up to 5GBytes from Toshiba; and IBM microdrives The Microdrive While solid state devices continue to amaze us, the Microdrive is a marvel of electromechanical technology. The platter stops rotating to conserve power, but can ramp up to full speed in half a second. with a CompactFlash-to-PC Card adapter (1) A PC Card used as a drive that accepts a removable module. Typically used for flash memory cards, such as CompactFlash and SmartMedia, the PC Card adapter plugs into the PC Card slot of the computer, and the memory card plugs into the adapter. See CompactFlash and SmartMedia. (2) A network adapter for a portable computer contained on a PC Card.

OEM pricing for the internal SCSI PC Card drive (SDDS-03) is $225 and the A disk or tape drive that resides in its own case and is cabled to the drive controller (plug-in card) in the computer. SCSI drives are often available as external drives. The external drive derives power from its own internal power supply.

Contrast with internal drive. A variety of portable drives are also available for desktop and laptop computers. (ASPC - Algorithmic Statistical Process Control ASPC - American Shetland Pony Club ASPC - Appleshare PC (Apple Computer Corp networking software) ASPC - Application-Specific Processor Cores ASPC - Arizona State Prison Complex ASPC - Associated Students of Pomona College (Claremont, California) ASPC - Attached Shuttle Payload Center ASPC - Auxiliary Stored Program Command) is $195. Adtron also offers PC Card drives with VME, cPCI, PCI and serial RS232 interfaces. About Adtron Corp. Adtron designs and manufactures electronic data storage systems tailored to OEM requirements for optimum reliability, durability and availability.

Adtron integrates flash memory or disk storage media into configurations that match application specific form, fit and function. This flexibility solves problems associated with integrating traditional disk and tape drives into commercial, industrial and military computer systems. Solid-state flash-based storage products emulate disk and tape drive functions providing extreme durability and reliability in harsh environments, while disk-based storage products provide long-term availability, thereby eliminating requalification, last time buys and inventory management costs.

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Domain Names

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