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Spyware and Adware New Threats to Your Computer

So you think you have an anti virus an anti spyware, on your computer and your computer and business is safe this is the misconception most people have because there are some really deadly spyware and adware waiting to seriously affect your business. Usually there are a lot of dubbed spyware and adware on the internet, they are malicious and can transmit information about the content of your computer to a third party and insert ads into your browser. Spyware Spyware slows down the speed of your computer, posing mere inconvenience. The top computer manufactures say that the number 1 reason people call for tech support is spyware. But they can be more dangerous this could include theft of the important information of your company and bank details and your customer information. It is seen most of the time that spyware is installed on your computer with the permission of the user's this usually happen because the user does not bother to read the fine print of in the agreement before clicking accept, thats where it comes into action and you have unknowingly given a software developer to control your computer remotely Adware A recent study has shown that 90% of the computers are infected by adware, There are many good programs that display advertisements, it interfaces with these programs such as your browser and show you unwanted ads, it also changes the behavior of your computer and slows it down.

So how do you need to protect yourself from spyware and adware Firstly write down a strict internet security policy on file sharing on the internet this will reduce the chances attracting it. Reading the news or some good business articles should be fine but nothing else. Distribute the policy and see that the employees follow it.

Secondly get in touch with your network administrator and instruct him to restrict any sought of downloading or file sharing from the internet this will considerably reduce the chances of you getting it and your system will be protected. This does not stop here there are new security updates everyday and you or your administrator should ensure that your internet browser is regularly updated, These updates usually have security patches that fix computer bugs that leave certain programs especially vulnerable. Finally, run a diagnostic program like Ad-aware, Web roots Spy Sweeper, or Hijack This, which probe your computer and root out suspicious files.

These programs are your spyware doctor can help purge certain kinds of spyware. Syware remover and spyware detection can detect and remove spyware. However, eliminating it altogether can be tricky, requiring users to inspect a hard drive one file at a time. The security and privacy of you and your customers against spyware and adware may depend on taking these safeguards.

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